I tried my best to be poised and curtail my excitement while penning this down. But all those who know me also know the fact that I fail miserably at staying calm. My blogs might exaggerate at certain places – is what you might think. But I truly believe life when not inspired is lifeless.

It all started on a pleasant Monday evening in May 2017, when Priyanka Mallik (my harbinger of happiness) and I met at Heart cup coffee at Kondapur, Hyderabad. During our conversation she had exclaimed, “Afrein, if you like writing about food on Zomato, why not start a blog”. A pause and then the usual chatter ranging from the stars to the seas unfolded and we parted ways. What stayed was the idea – Blogging. After some intense brainstorming and getting some key inputs from bloggers like Franky Gupta (Ankita, thanks for being around!), my thoughts did carry some gusto, yet lacked some direction. Understanding what my blog should be known and read for was my concern. That was when a good conversation over chai (no conversation can ever go uninspired over chai) with Vishal Fernandes
gave me an assurance that my thoughts are heading in the right direction. A big shout out to Sankeerth Shinde for entertaining my calls of distress and happiness at vague times of the day and night that possibly exist. Mohd Azad, for being the strongest anchor. A special mention to you too, Sugandh Rakha, for giving my blog the name it truly deserves.

Bolo Chai. A blog where every story is best served with Chai. This blog is about those restaurants and dishes which are meant to be experienced. This blog also talks a spoonful about the journey of those hat bearers who gave the world of cuisine something to relish. This blog is not mainly about reviewing restaurants or rating what’s served. It’s a space where I love to share my stories of who and what.  In this process, learning a lot more about food too!

Being someone who is a Madraasi by heart, spent her growing up years in UAE and blessed with a brief stint in Europe, my love for food has grown multifold after moving to Hyderabad. What I earlier considered a reason for sustenance is now my passion. Thanks to the weekly inauguration of a café/lounge/restaurant, Hyderabad will wake up the foodie in you. If you are blessed with some great friends and friendships who take you to a tea point 60 kms outside the city just to satiate your tea cravings, treat you at places which are open only during certain time of the year or place you in a company of some eminent bloggers and highly rated chefs for a wonderful meal, you are truly lucky, just as I am.

I would be unfair if I do not mention these two fellas – Asim and Mujtaba for being my love-hyderabadi-food flag bearers. If it wasn’t for you two and our 4 am hangouts regardless of a weekday or weekend, I would have been clueless of the plethora of food, and not just Biryani, Hyderabad has to offer. To all those foodies who have encouraged me to not just eat but relish what’s served, I am sure you recognize yourselves, A BIG THANK YOU.

Afrein Nasir is an Associate advisor at a leading MNC. Gold medalist in Economics, a hardcore chaivinist, foodie, Zumba freak, salsa dancer, story teller, poet, traveler and now, a blogger.